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Lightroom is a picture editing program available for both mobile and desktop. It’s not difficult to use, once you know all the different tools, also is a fantastic way to make your photographs look more professional. In Lightroom you can make your own filters, and all these are known as”presets”. It’s possible to save yourself the editing adjustments that you make (like a preset), so that you can then use them to some other photograph. Presets allow you to create a uniform look across all of your photographs, in addition to hasten the editing process. In this article I will describe how to make your own presets from Lightroom (for the desktop and portable ). The Lightroom mobile app is absolutely free to download (on both iOS along with Android) however you’ll need a subscription to use the desktop version. I am subscribed to the Adobe Photography Plan that gives me access to the Lightroom and Photoshop for a month. How to create Your Own Presets at Lightroom Classic for Desktop Step 1 — Pick what editing style you like The first step to making your Világítótorony Naplemente Presetek hu very own preset is to decide what editing style your like. Ask yourself– Would you like light and airy or black and moody pictures? — Would you like warm or chilly pictures? — Do you like a vintage matte look or bright and defined? — How do you like the colors to appear? (saturated or muted? ) Popular editing styles comprise Vintage and Pastel. Personally I adore bright, warm and colourful photos, using a small vintage look! After years of practice I was able to make my own presets that perfectly reflect my favourite editing style. My presets help me to achieve a distinctive aesthetic for the Instagram and also make it appear more streamlined. You can take a look at a few of my edits below and on @gingerpresets. Step 2 — Edit an image The second step to creating your very own personal profile is editing a photo of your selection. Import your picture into Lightroom Classic and begin playing with the various tools on Lightroom. If you are new to Lightroom you May Want to check out my guide to editing on Lightroom

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