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The questionnaire collected demographic information, intimate history with both males

The questionnaire collected demographic information, intimate history with both males

Fisting: genital or anal penetration aided by the hand that is whole

Khush: signifying Asian lesbians or homosexual men.Lesbian: in this short article utilized to express ladies who identify by themselves as lesbian, homosexual, dyke, khush, or zami.Sado-masochism: a type of consenting practice that is sexual which individuals eroticise power, control, and/or the stamina of real pain.Zami: a word employed by lesbians regarding the African diaspora, meaning ladies who come together as buddies and enthusiasts


When you look at the duration 1992–5 a numbered questionnaire for self conclusion ended up being agreed to new patients attending either the Bernhard or even the Audre Lorde lesbian intimate wellness clinics in London . Besides the center test, a residential district test ended up being purposively chosen 12 to add people who had been diverse with regards to geography, battle, class, and impairment. Groups or organisations had been identified through listings within the lesbian and press that is homosexual participants had been recruited from across England and Scotland by dispersing a questionnaire after focus group sessions concerning basic or intimate health insurance and at seminars . 3 A snowballing technique 12 had been utilized to disseminate further questionnaires to associates associated with the focus group attenders.

All feminine participants who reported previous or present activity that is sexual females had been included in addition to ladies who offered no reputation for exact exact same intercourse sexual intercourse, but whom defined their intimate orientation as lesbian, bisexual, homosexual, dyke, khush, or zami. People who described on their own as heterosexual, without any past reputation for sexual intercourse with females, had been excluded through the research.

The questionnaire gathered demographic information, intimate history with both women and men, and intimate practice with feminine lovers. In addition, the majority of the community test were expected questions regarding intimate training with males and safer intercourse .

Information had been entered in to an analysis that is statistical ( spss variation 10) and analysed using easy proportions, correlation coefficients, and 2 tests of importance.

Life partnerships that are sexual men and women

How many feminine partners that are sexual perhaps maybe perhaps not correlate with amount of male sexual partners (correlation coefficient 0.094); for instance, females with a brief history of bigger variety of male partners usually do not also provide a brief reputation for bigger variety of feminine lovers, and the other way around.

Dining dining dining Table 3 shows the regularity of various intimate techniques with people. Sexual practice with male and partners that are female

Maternity history

Twenty six % reported a history of maternity; 13.5percent reported a number of real time births, 0.3% reported stillbirths, 5.8% had miscarried, and 13.5% had undergone termination of maternity. There was clearly no difference between maternity rates by intimate identification; of lesbians have been pregnant compared to of bisexual ladies .

Usage of obstacles in sex (safer sex)

3 hundred and twenty eight females were expected questions regarding safer sex with men and women in past times decade. Eighty six per cent of these who reported sex that is oral women (n=296) had never ever utilized dental dams; 13% utilized them occasionally or frequently and 1% constantly utilized them. Of these whom reported sharing adult sex toys with ladies (n=127), 22% never washed them before sharing, 31% washed them periodically or frequently, with 47% constantly washing them. In addition, 22% of the sex that is sharing utilized condoms sometimes or usually whenever sharing, and 26% always did.

Of these whom reported sex that is penetrative men (penis-vagina) (n=170), 32% had never ever utilized condoms or femidoms, 45% utilized them periodically or usually, and 23% constantly did. Of these whom reported penetration that is anal a penis (n=35), 42% had never ever utilized a condom or femidom, 29% utilized them sometimes or frequently, and 29% constantly did. Associated with 128 ladies who reported oral intercourse with males, 80% never used condoms, 16% sometimes or frequently, and 4% constantly utilized them.

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