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The Masked Singer “” – Finale: These are the stars in the costumes

The Masked Singer “” – Finale: These are the stars in the costumes

I don’t want to tour with Celine Dion. Well, unless she really wants it"jokes the TV star. Despite the masquerade, she was always very nervous. Her goal was at least not to be the first to fly out of the show. "It’s right down to the brain": Daniela Katzenberger films the unpleasant corona test Favorite since the first episode: The skeleton wins The Masked Singer ‘ "The Masked Singer": Alec Völkel was in an alien costume "The Masked Singer": Ben Blümel was in the Anubis costume

She also apologizes to her two million followers for not being able to post as private stories in the past few weeks as her fans are used to. "It’s called ‘The Masked Singer’ and not ‘The Open Singer’."

Sources used: Daniela Katzenberger’s Instagram channel

Daniela Katzenberger has once again shown her sense of humor on Instagram and presented her look for autumn to her two million followers. Your fans are thrilled, but they also have questions.

10 years on TV: This is how Daniela Katzenberger has changed
Photo series with 17 pictures

All she wears is a dress made of leaves, with Daniela Katzenberger combining black boots. The reality star doesn’t seem to have much more. The cult blonde wrote very briefly: "Fall outfit".

"Looks a bit like Tinkerbell"

With this snapshot Daniela Katzenberger was sure to put a smile on the face of many of her two million fans. Her followers are enthusiastic about the photo, but also the humor of the 34-year-olds. Almost 70,000 people have the picture with one "Like" provided, hundreds have commented on the post. "It’s a pretty dress", for example, comments a user. "Wow, absolutely beautiful", says another user. "Cool picture"writes another. Also "Looks a bit like Tinkerbell" can be read in the comment column.

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But there are also some fans who are not in favor of Danis "Fall outfit" interested, but about the trimmings. Because some of your followers suspect because of the autumnal background that the cat must be in Germany. That would be the rumor about her participation in the new season of "The Masked Singer" encourage.

"The Erdmann family has a secret"

"Autumn is not in Mallorca. I think they are in cold Cologne or the surrounding area", such a fan. "Am I the only one who notices that she has only been in Germany for weeks? I suspect: The Erdmann family has a secret"writes another. The blond hair with the dark approach is also fueling the rumors. "Since her hairline has not been re-dyed, she is definitely the meerkat with her husband"a user is sure.

Generally is "The Masked Singer" a big topic under her current post. Since the first episode it has been suspected that Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis are in the costumes of the meerkats. Sentences like "Dani’s voice was recognized directly" or "They are 100 percent! Definitely! You can hear exactly" can be read in the comments.

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They did not reveal whether Daniela and Lucas are really Mrs. and Mr. Erdmann, because that could be quite expensive for the couple. ex-"The Masked Singer"- Participant Jochen Schropp had revealed a few days ago that he had signed a confidentiality clause.introduction paragraph argumentative essay If he had divulged the secret before his show-off, he would have paid a fine of 100,000 euros.

Sources used:"The Masked Singer"-Follow on ProSiebenInstagram: Profile of Daniela Katzenberger

Because of reflective time with the family. Daniela Katzenberger also has to take care of the household on the first Advent. But at least the TV star takes this with humor.

10 years on TV: This is how Daniela Katzenberger has changed
Photo series with 17 pictures

While other celebrities post their first Christmas greetings on the Internet, Daniela Katzenberger shows again what it looks like in her everyday life. Instead of Advent candles and cookies, the cat has to do household chores. But at least she has festively decorated the mountain of laundry. 

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Daniela poses in pajamas and a Santa hat next to a mountain of dirty laundry that oozes out of the laundry puff. This mountain has been beautifully decorated with red Christmas balls and a pink Christmas star.

She writes about the picture: "Greetings from my laundry hell. I wish all other ‘washing women’ a wonderful first Advent today." She also knows roughly when she’ll be through with the pile of work: "And in about 200 years I’ll be done."

Relationship test for couple: Katzenberger: ‘Lucas demanded a lot from me’ On wooden horse: Helene Fischer sends ‘creepy’ Advent greetings signs of life after 20 years: Barbara Kelly now has Instagram "The Masked Singer": Daniela Katzenberger reveals details about the show

As always, the TV emigrant, who just started out as a meerkat, is delighted "The Masked Singer" stood in front of the camera, her more than two million followers with her humorous deposits. "I’m laughing at my laundry Christmas tree", says a user on Instagram. Someone else recommends: "Have a nice sunday You can also wash during the week!"

Sources used: Daniela Katzenberger’s Instagram channel

What’s going on with the cat? Daniela Katzenberger is actually known as an omnipresent TV and Internet star. But now the influencer is taking a break.

10 years on TV: This is how Daniela Katzenberger has changed
Photo series with 17 pictures

Hardly a day goes by when Daniela Katzenberger does not contact her fans via Instagram. Scenes from everyday life are shared, a Christmas tree family competition is called or she likes to show the unvarnished truth away from internet filters. But now the TV emigrant is taking a break, as she briefly announced in a post on Instagram.

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Pink background, an own Daniela-Katzenberger-GIF and only a few words and no explanation. "Muddi is taking a break", writes Daniela. "I’ll be back soon for you." In the caption of the article, she does not provide any further information, but only posts a heart and a peace finger emoji. 

The TV star also switched off the comment function under his post. Otherwise Daniela always gives her fans enough space for discussion and their own opinion. The post received almost 120,000 views within an hour.

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Two days ago, the wife of singer Lucas Cordalis shared a post that promoted more reality on Instagram. One half of the picture showed a stylish cat, the other Daniela in bed with glasses and a double chin. 

Sources used: Daniela Katzenberger’s Instagram profile

They have been parents to a young daughter for five years now. Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis rarely have time as a couple. The two of them spent the Saturday evening with a slightly different person "Date night".

10 years on TV: This is how Daniela Katzenberger has changed
Photo series with 17 pictures

Finally time for two again. It’s not that easy with a small child in the house. Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis also know that. The cult blonde and the pop star became parents for the first time in the summer of 2015. Little Sophia saw the light of day five years ago.

Since then everything has revolved around the girl. The two rarely have time for togetherness. But now Daniela and Lucas have found a solution. The 34-year-old and her 19-year-old husband spent Saturday evening in the bathtub together. The cat shared two photos of them with her two million fans on Instagram.

Check out this post on Instagram

…and together we only need 2 liters of water &# 128514; #washing day # water saving easy made # watermelons #wassermann #timeforus # cat wash #datenight

A post shared by Daniela Katzenberger (@danielakatzenberger) on Oct 24, 2020 at 11:52 am PDT

The two snapshots show Daniela and Lucas sitting in the bathtub together, both shampooing their hair. The cult blonde can’t help but laugh. 

"Cat wash"

Daniela commented on the two photos: "And together we only need two liters of water." After that she put hashtags like "Washing day", "Cat wash" or "Date night". Incidentally, the picture was not taken by daughter Sophia, but by Mama Iris, as Daniela revealed in the comment column.

"The Masked Singer": Is the meerkat too obvious? Photo from 2008: Katzenberger posts a very old photo of Daniela Katzenberger: ‘My breasts financed my apartment’ topless face mask: Katzenberger causes a stir with a mask photo

Your fans are amused by the pictures. Comments like "you are sweet", "you are so lovely" or "you are grenades" can be read under the photos. Most of them, however, also comment "Mrs. and Mr. meerkats". A reference to the new season of "The Masked Singer". Because many viewers suspect that Daniela and Lucas are wearing the couple costume. The audience will not find out whether this is really true until the meerkats have been selected from the show and have to unmask themselves.

Sources used: Instagram: Profile of Daniela Katzenberger

Reality show actress Daniela Katzenberger stood for the vocal show together with her husband Lucas Cordalis "The Masked Singer" in front of the camera. Participation became a test of relationships for them.

Revelations at a glance – "Masked singer"-Finals: Who was in the costumes

Revelations at a glance
"Masked singer"-Finals: Who was in the costumes

The last masks of the third season of "The Masked Singer" have fallen. Here is an overview of the revelations of the finalists. Video

For weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Erdmann helped "The Masked Singer" for amusement. But under the cute, plush figures, the people behind the facade were working up a sweat. Especially Daniela Katzenberger, who is actually not a singer despite an already recorded record, made the new task difficult. Her husband Lucas Cordalis, on the other hand, is a musician and demanded a lot from his wife. By the way, you can see in this video who was under which costume in the show. 

Much trouble with the rehearsals 

"The biggest problem was that we are really a couple. We weren’t just work colleagues like Modern Talking back then"said Katzenberger of the German press agency. If something went wrong, you got yourself "sometimes pissed off", continues the 34-year-old. "For example, I can’t sing a second voice or anything. And Lucas then demanded a lot from me when it comes to singing." But then everything was forgotten on stage.

"The Masked Singer": That was the costumes
Photo series with 10 pictures

The celebrity couple Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis: without masks. Photo: Willi Weber / ProSieben / dpa.

The celebrity couple took part in the third season of the ProSieben show in the costumes of a cute meerkat family. As a duo, the two only failed in the final show, where they had to take off their masks. The native of the Palatinate is also known for her undisguised way of speaking. Unlike his wife, Cordalis has a musical background: He is a music producer and the son of pop star Costa Cordalis (1944-2019).

Lucas Cordalis is a winner 

In a sense, he was born with a passion for music. But Cordalis is actually an all-rounder, speaks several languages ​​and likes to win often. On the reality show "Global gladiators" the 53-year-old proved that he is not only musically but also extremely ambitious. From the second season of the show, he emerged as the winner in 2018.  

After "The Masked Singer": Daniela Katzenberger reveals details about the show "The Masked Singer"-Finals: These are the stars in the costumes "How does that work?": How Daniela Katzenberger feels about corona deniers

Even when he joined in March 2019 "beat the celebrity" came, Cordalis was able to win a duel against ex-Bachelor Paul Janke. It seems that Daniela Katzenberger’s husband is a real winner. At "The Masked Singer" however, he did not succeed in getting first place. Singer Sarah Lombardi secured this privilege. 

Sources used: dpa news agency, own research

In the wake of the corona pandemic, many celebrities surprise with absurd conspiracy theories. How Daniela Katzenberger thinks about the whole thing, she revealed in the t-online interview.

When it comes to Daniela Katzenberger, many think of the naive, bizarre blonde from television. But there is more to it than that. She is a bestselling author, has established her own brand, is an entrepreneur, influencer and head of the family. "Be clever act stupid"is the name of one of her books and is probably also part of her marketing strategy.

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