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Lifestyle – Cooking with the Wo

Lifestyle – Cooking with the Wo

This practice is still used today.

Exploring and trying things out are mandatory

Brother Felix from the Archabbey of St. Martin zu Beuron recommends those who want to try out herbal wine at home: “You should deal with the plants and try them out. Don’t just buy a peppermint pot and throw the herb into the wine.” Herbs are so complex in terms of ingredients that there is no recipe that is binding for everyone.

Essential oils are easily soluble

According to Margit Schlenk, a pharmacist specializing in homeopathy and naturopathy, plant dyes, for example, dissolve in wine: “You can tell by the fact that it changes color.” Essential oils such as peppermint or oregano are also readily soluble. Pungent substances from ginger or bitter substances from wormwood and yarrow can also be extracted well in wine. “The amount of ingredients is not enough for a real healing effect. For me, these wines belong in the wellness area”, says the expert. It warns of alcohol content and the risk of addiction.

Use only the best ingredients

If you still want to make herbal wine yourself, you should be familiar with the plants, either have them in your own garden or be accompanied by someone who is knowledgeable when looking for them in the woods and fields. On the pollutant-free side is the one who buys the herbs in the pharmacy. “Use only the best ingredients”, emphasizes the book author Elisabeth Engler.

Basil wine takes three days

For basil wine, put one liter of white wine with leaves and stems from two whole plants in a bulbous container and let it stand in the dark for three days. Then fill in a bottle that they store in a dark and cool place. This should help against mild colds.

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The heart wine made from parsley

A variant already known to Hildegard von Bingen is the so-called heart wine made from parsley. To do this, briefly boil the parsley, some wine vinegar and wine, add honey, lather, strain the whole thing through a cloth and fill it in a bottle.

Kiel students who are currently studying at another university abroad should come home quickly. The Christian Albrechts University is now asking you to do so.

Kiel University urgently advises its students abroad to return to Germany now. One should end an exchange abroad if possible, said the head of the International Center of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, Martina Schmode. She justified this advice with the increasing spread of the novel coronavirus, the closure of universities abroad as well as the more difficult return travel conditions and the worldwide travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office.

The corona crisis poses major challenges for many exchange program providers.writing about community service The Association for International Youth Work (VIJ) looks after au pairs in England, France and Spain, where they work as domestic help or babysitter for host families. You are in contact with those affected and also rely on local partner offices, said Martina Langkowski-Schier from the Hamburg VIJ office. So far there have been no wishes to return to Germany. In an emergency, however, the au pairs will return home quickly.

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In Schleswig-Holstein, all student exchange programs and school class trips have been canceled for the rest of the school year since March 11th. According to the Ministry of Education, there are currently no more students on class trips. From August 1, the situation will be reassessed, said Zimnik. The new school year begins in Schleswig-Holstein after the summer vacation on August 10th.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Soaking or rinsing food thoroughly with fresh water is called soaking. Read why the process is so important and why you are watering clay dishes correctly.

Rinse substances out of food

The main purpose of watering is to wash away disturbing substances from the food. This can be dirt deposits, but also cloudy or flavoring substances. This includes, for example, bitter substances that could impair the enjoyment of the food. The process can be repeated until the undesirable substances are removed from the food. In addition, watering or soaking can prepare dried legumes such as beans for further processing. To do this, these are soaked for six to 24 hours. This process ideally reduces the later cooking time considerably and makes chickpeas, for example, more digestible for the stomach.

Examples of watering

So watering can serve very different purposes apart from cleaning. While this is intended to remove any possible sand residue in morels, it can remove blood from meat so that it becomes light and white. Tart vegetables like chicory taste milder after a thirty-minute water bath. Matjes lose their salt content in this way. The nightly water bath makes dried fruit more juicy, while the often sticky consistency of the dried fruit is reduced.

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Water the clay dishes properly

But not only food can be watered. Even clay pots should soak themselves in cold water before use – at least ten minutes, but better 60 minutes. If this is not the case, the clay dishes can shatter in the hot oven. In addition, the special pot releases the water as steam for cooking to the food in the pot. The advantage of this cooking method: almost no fat is required and the food has a juicy consistency.

They are particularly popular in southern Germany, Bohemia and Austria: bread dumplings. In many households, the rolls, as they are also called, are an integral part of the Christmas dinner.

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Bread dumplings: traditional Christmas dinner

Bread dumplings are part of the Christmas dinner for many families. The dumplings are traditionally made from stale rolls, milk, eggs and steamed onions and then cooked in hot water.

In some recipes, part of the bread roll is first tossed in butter. Otherwise, the ingredients vary beyond the basic ingredients depending on the region and taste. Lemon peel, nutmeg and various spices can give the dumplings a special touch. The bread dumplings are usually served with dishes such as goulash, roast pork with sauerkraut, mushroom or lentil dishes.

Christmas dinner in different variations

A bread dumpling can have many faces. For example, the normally vegetarian dumplings can be enriched with various meat ingredients – bacon dumplings, in which bacon cubes are added to the basic ingredients, can be used as a side dish or cooked in a soup. Spinach dumplings can also be a highlight: Simply add spinach and some ricotta to the dough and the dumplings have that certain something.

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Tip: Served with parmesan and fresh tomatoes, a vegetarian delicacy can be conjured up quickly. If you cut the cold rolls into slices and marinate with a spicy marinade of vinegar and oil – with pepper, salt, sugar, onions and parsley – you will quickly have sour dumplings that have a very special taste.

Smoked foods delight the palate with a very special smoke aroma. But what exactly happens during smoking and why does the food keep so long? More on this below.

Preservation with a smoke flavor

Smoking is a process in which food is preserved using hot smoke. This is mainly used for meat and fish, but vegetables can also be treated in this way. When placed in a special smoker or in a smokehouse, the food cooks in the smoke. This contains chemical compounds such as phenols, formaldehyde or acetic acid, which cause the protein in the food to be smoked to coagulate and thus make it durable. In addition to preservation, meat and fish are given a special flavor. The type of wood used – mostly in the form of sawdust – has a direct influence on the aroma during smoking, which can be spicy to mild. It is adapted to the food to be smoked.

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Barbecue combines grilling and smoking

The American barbecue is a special form of smoking. This cooking method gives the meat a fine smoke aroma. To do this, a special smoking board is first soaked in water for two hours. Prepared this way, it won’t burn in the heat later. There is room for fish or meat on the board, which in turn is placed on the grillage. When covered, the grill acts like a smoker and cooks the food particularly gently. A kettle grill is suitable for this type of barbecue. Of course, special barbecue grills are also available in stores.

Anyone who wants to carve a goose needs enough time, a steady hand and, of course, practice: Cutting up the roast goose has its pitfalls. So that the Christmas dinner doesn’t turn into a disaster with a torn goose, you should keep the following tips in mind.

Advent, Advent … That belongs to a contemplative pre-Christmas season

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Roast goose as a Christmas dinner

The right cutlery is essential if you want to carve a goose. Use a meat fork with long tines and a sharp carving knife. The fork is used to hold on, the knife to cut. Before you start, the goose should rest, chest up, covered on a wooden board for about ten minutes. First cut the wings close to the body, then devote yourself to the clubs. Cut the joints with the knife as precisely as possible in the middle – this is how the clubs can usually be loosened without much effort. If you cannot cut it off straight away, you should use poultry shears. 

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Carving goose: tips

After the wings and legs have been cut off, you can carve the goose. Cut the roast goose in half by making a sharp cut along the sternum. Now you can loosen the breast fillets individually and cut them into so-called slices, i.e. individual pieces. If you want to practice before Christmas dinner, you can also try a roast chicken or a duck – these “test objects” are cheaper than roast goose.

The right consistency is particularly important for sauces and puddings. They must not be liquid like water, but should have a light bond. It is annoying if lumps appear during preparation. But there are simple tips you can use to save the sauce and pudding.

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Especially with sauces with roux, lumps tend to appear. You can avoid this if you add the roux to the sauce spoon by spoon and stir vigorously each time. Our tip: With wheat starch, lumps do not appear so quickly.

With the sieve against lumps

Those who want to do without sauce binders can also bind the sauce in the classic way with flour or starch. This is particularly useful when it already tastes perfect and doesn’t need any further ingredients. Cream, sour cream or crème fraîche are also good for binding. But here too, stirring is half the battle, otherwise small lumps will quickly form. If the sauce is already clumped, simply strain it into a new saucepan and boil it up again.

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Cooking with a wok

Wok vegetables are healthy and crisp. The order of the ingredients is important. to the video

Tip: In addition to boiling and thickening, there is another method that you can use to bind sauce. Simply take some of the vegetables or potatoes in the dish, puree them and then add them to the sauce. Now the sauce should be nice and creamy.

Do not put pudding powder directly into the boiling milk

The pudding is made lump-free if you do not stir the pudding powder directly into the milk. It is better to first stir the powder with a little more milk than is stated on the package. When the milk is boiling, add the mixture while stirring constantly. Let it boil briefly and the pudding is ready without lumps.

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