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If you don’t want to wait that long, get a model with a trendy vintage look

If you don’t want to wait that long, get a model with a trendy vintage look

Mix the earth and water into an even mixture, apply it to the scalp and hairline and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. After the exposure time, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

3. Blow dry your hair upside down

Always blow-dry your hair from below after washing so that it touches the scalp as little as possible. This actually stimulates fat production.

If blow-drying upside down is too strenuous for you, you can simply hold the blow-dryer under your hair. To prevent the hair from swirling around as you do so, hold the ends of the hair with a large round brush.

4. Air and sun

Those who suffer from greasy hair tend to hide it. But that’s exactly the wrong way to go: Wearing a hat often can lead to greasy hair.

To avoid this, let your hair breathe regularly and avoid wearing the decorative headgear if it is not absolutely necessary. In general, hair becomes greasy faster if it is exposed to higher humidity.

Fresh, especially salty air and sun, on the other hand, can have a positive effect on sebum production. Therefore, a stay by the sea can be worthwhile when the weather is nice.

5. Head massage for beautiful hair

Even if the head massage can lead to a short-term stimulation of sebum production – and should therefore be avoided when washing your hair – it can help to regulate it in the long term.

For this purpose, massage the scalp in a circular motion without any other means such as oils. As a result, the filled glands empty and, with regular use, reduce their production. At the same time, blood circulation is stimulated, which also benefits the skin and hair.

6. Care products for oily hair

Choosing the right care for your hair is particularly important. But which means really help? Herbal shampoos that contain, for example, yarrow, chamomile or rosemary are considered good herbal hair care products. Gentle baby shampoo is also said to help with oily hair.

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Synthetic shampoos for oily hair, on the other hand, can, contrary to expectations, do exactly the opposite of what they should: They dry out the scalp and stimulate the production of fat. You should therefore only use such a shampoo on the explicit recommendation of your dermatologist.

It’s only about a comparatively small piece of fabric. But summer swimwear with its brightly colored, eye-catching colors does not make it easy for men to choose the right pants. Not everyone is orange floral print dude. To make matters worse, the well-known swimmer pants are also experiencing a comeback in their very tight form.

Swimwear 2013

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The background to the current trend are parallels to the design of the 50s. The decade is considered “a fashionable and colorful source of inspiration for the season”, according to the current trend report from the German Fashion Institute (DMI) in Cologne. Bright, bright colors are making their way into men’s swimwear, for example in the form of floral prints, photo-like patterns, but also as stripes and checks.

Shorter than Bermuda shorts

Overall, the pants are getting scarcer again. “So-called surfer shorts were popular for a long time,” says André Bangert, editor of men’s fashion at the “Textilwirtschaft” magazine. Now move the end of the pant leg up. “A new, particularly fashionable shape is shorter than Bermuda shorts. It ends well above the knee and is narrower.” They can be found, for example, in the collections of brands such as Jockey, Calida, Robinson Les Bains and Vilebrequin

and Orlebar Brown. Adidas, Puma and Olympia Beachfashion also have medium-length trousers in their range that combine different colored checks.

Maximum freedom of movement

The classic swimming trunks, the original slip shape, are also experiencing a comeback, according to DMI managing director Gerd Müller-Thomkins. HOM has this on offer. This may seem old-fashioned to some. “For many young people, however, this is almost new,” says the expert. They want to look sporty and fashionable and put their bodies in the limelight – they were also looking for “functional, everyday practical clothing”. And the classic “swimming shorts”, as Müller-Thomkins calls them, offer maximum freedom of movement.

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The main trend, however, is color – “in all variants, but above all blue, orange and red tones”. “The reality of people’s lives is played out in front of the computer,” explains the fashion expert. >>

In summer in particular, a longing for colorful motifs “from flora and fauna” comes to fruition as an alternative to gray everyday life. The motifs would have to be alienated or abstract – hardly a man would wear colorful flowers on his trousers for a walk, says Bangert. “It looks masculine when the prints are alienated” – and so there are abstract images of palm trees on the pants.

That sounds like a fashion trend that many men find difficult to implement. When work or family leaves little time for sport after a certain age, the image that man gives on the beach or in the swimming pool also changes. Therefore, far from fashion, some advice should be heeded: The tight slip shape as swimming trunks is especially suitable for very sporty types. “The bigger the belly, the bigger the pants have to be,” says Bangert. He advises those who do not have an Adonis body to wear surfer shorts. “The more athletic I look, the tighter and tighter the pants can be.” If the summer vacation leads to the Mediterranean, the etiquette is not quite as strict. “In southern Europe, the slip shape was never really dead,” observed men’s fashion expert and style consultant Bernhard Roetzel from Karstädt. He is of the opinion that the concise form is “just right” – especially for older people. It can be tight, but not too tight and emphasize what belongs concealed. He also advises men with very thin legs – that is, with less developed thigh muscles – to wear swimming trunks that are as tight as possible. This could be short, but also a little longer.

The right model for every body size

The medium length shape looks best on athletic bodies. It is important that it is not too tight on the bottom, says Bangert. “They should look like everyday shorts even on the beach.” The surfer shorts still go best with stocky types. “And very tall men can wear them well,” says Roetzel. All the others would look “broken off” in it – or they looked as if they were mourning their youth.

Color and eye-catching motifs are particularly popular this season. “And nothing is forbidden on the beach for the time being – this is practically a dress code-free zone,” explains Roetzel. Conversely, this means that taste and custom are the guiding principle. “Everyone can act as they like – but it can still be ridiculous.” Roetzel therefore advises everyone who often has to wear a suit in the office to be brave and go with fashion. Older semesters shouldn’t overdo it. It seems fake to be particularly youthful and trend-oriented if you are older or a little more trendy. However, many should only wear colored pants when they are tanned. Because many tones do not match the pale complexion of the average office worker – especially yellow, beige and white. Fashion journalist Bangert advises black or dark blue to be better at the beginning of the holiday. It is therefore best to have two swimming trunks in the wardrobe and in your holiday luggage – so that the color matches your skin and you can change it.

Where women proudly have a huge collection, men don’t have many: we’re talking about bags. But of course you can’t do without it either, it just has to be the right ones. With our tips you will find your new loyal companion. We reveal which bags are useful, practical and, by the way, chic – just take a look at our photo show.

Men bags

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Men and bags – they don’t really go together. Unfortunately, you still see the prototype man all too often with thick, dented trouser pockets into which not only a small bulging wallet was squeezed. Keys, cell phone and business card case can also be stored in it if necessary. What sounds somehow practical, can’t come up with more. Because this sight is certainly not beautiful.

Briefcase goodbye!

But why in the world do men do this to themselves? There are really chic bags now, also for men. The days of nerdy briefcases are long gone. Even Eastpak is now teaming up with designers like Kris von Assche to produce stylish backpacks and bags away from the grunge image. So please gentlemen, there are no more excuses! The bag is easy to find for the long weekend or short business trip.

If you haven’t already had one of your own, now is the time for a weekender. Models made of sturdy cowhide leather or sturdy canvas are very nice here.

The bag for the weekend

The classic just never goes out of style. Even your loved one can go on a trip with it or you can go on an extensive shopping tour with her. All your purchases and much more are guaranteed to fit in the spacious bag. Your sports outfit will also find enough space in the practical all-rounder.

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The it-bag for men

Even if you are racing straight from the airport to an important business meeting, you will always cut a good figure with a weekender. So that you don’t end up in a crumpled jacket on long business trips, you should definitely get a suit pocket.

A chic briefcase accompanies you at every “normal” appointment. Forget those clunky briefcases that make everyone think of unpleasant representatives when they look at them. Thanks to integrated reinforcements, an elegant model made of fine goatskin transports your documents just as securely and definitely much more stylishly. At Maxwell Scott you will find timelessly beautiful and above all elegant models.

Leather bags in a mix Briefcases in a mix of materials with fine wool look very trendy. The soft natural material is in no way inferior to leather in terms of its water-repellent properties and is therefore ideal. At Maison Martin Margiela, for example, delicate nappa leather is combined with the roughness of washed wool, which creates an exciting contrast. Don’t dare to do too much when it comes to color with your business bag, after all it should always match your outfit and you should play a convincing role with it. Burberry comes up with its typical checks, but in subtly muted colors. This makes the bags perfectly combinable despite the pattern. Above all, carefully coordinate accessories such as shoes, belts and gloves. Simply differentiate here between cold and warm colors. Designer bags with style

Do you have something more to transport? Then spacious laptop bags are an elegant alternative. Thanks to the many inner compartments, there is enough space for important documents as well as a notebook. Since you will not pepper the good piece with its sensitive contents in the next corner, it can be a delicate nappa or deerskin here. These selected types of leather also make a case for your iPad or notebook looks great. So that you can still find your briefcase among all the other suitcases at the next conference, you can be in the house Prada choose your favorite leather for your new bag. At Louis Vuitton you can also have your own monogram printed on the bag.

Of course, custom-made products are also possible here, which are implemented by 170 suitcase makers. The bags of the French couture house already have cult status – crowned with your name, they become truly unique items.

Vintage to wear

Where other things lose their beauty over the years, become ugly and old, this somehow seems to work the other way around with bags. If you don’t want to wait that long, get a model with a trendy vintage look. If you are tired of all that leather, you will be delighted with strong bags made of sturdy canvas this season. Whether as a spacious weekender or a practical shopper – the robust material has a washed-out look and is a wonderful continuation of the vintage trend. Thanks to the waxed surface, they also defy wind and weather.

Duffel bag instead of backpack

For a long time it was not really the epitome of elegance. But those who have to carry a little more nowadays and want to protect their backs will use a backpack again. And this is now surprisingly chic. Eastpak has been bringing designers on board for years and recently cooperated with them WoodWood. The result is carrier bags that are really impressive and that no one thinks of grungy baggy backpacks anymore. But you are really on trend with duffel bags. Thanks to the wide straps, these can also be carried on the back, just with a lot more style.

Take a look at a great selection of practical and stylish men’s bags in our photo show.  

The sun shines and attracts you outdoors even during your lunch break. So that you don’t have to wrinkle your forehead, but can relax cool in the sun, sunglasses are one of the ultimate accessories of summer. What to wear this year: We have the most important trends and tips which shape fits which head. You can find the current sunglasses trends for 2016 here.

Cool sunglasses

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They are a grandiose invention, chic and practical at the same time: sunglasses.

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