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Girls of Paper and Fire – Spoiler Free Book Review

what’s up everybody my name is Shannon and I am still waiting for my Seder and today we are talking about girls a paper in fire by Natasha annyeong okay so I really really do not understand the hype with this book I was really excited going into it so many people love this book so many people say that this is like the height of why a fantasy and romance and all of this kind of stuff and I truly do not understand that to start off I listen to this book on audiobook and the very first thing I heard was warning for sexual abuse and I was like okay I am a little bit worried sometimes though you know like you you tagged just in case you know you could be triggered like just for little things like I read a lot of fanfiction a lot of times people will tag things just in case even if it might not be triggering but they don’t want to you know upset anybody just off the gate but I’ve never read a book that immediately had that like I have read books about sexual assault and they still didn’t have like warnings for graphic depiction of violence or like any of that kind of stuff so that worried me but then the very first section is a foreword by James Patterson because this is one of like the books that he is presenting and he was talking about how he read this and he felt like this story was just so important to share and it was so amazing and that this author did such an a beautiful job creating this world and I was like wow that sounds awesome but then it quickly went downhill from there so girls a paper in fire is set in this fantasy world we’ve got people which like regular humans those are called paper casts and then we have two types of demons we have moon cast which are like the elites and steel casts which are below that what’s the difference between them I honestly have no idea I’m sure the book said it but I have no idea what the difference between these two demons are other than that moon is the best one they all have like animal-like traits like their Fox people their bull people or whatever I think maybe moon cast is more animal I have no idea so that was already something that I was so like really struggling to keep up with throughout this book but the premise of this book is that we have this really cruel demon king who always has eight paper cast concubines and our main character Leigh is chosen but she’s actually the ninth girl that’s chosen so that’s a little bit weird already and she has these gold and eyes so she’s very striking and it was something that the King was just taken with and he had to have her and I kept thinking that was gonna come back around never does doesn’t matter lay is probably one of the most boring people in this entire book I really don’t understand why she was the main character because she doesn’t really have anything going for her I feel like she gets really angry at the system and all of this and she wants to break out and she wants to make a difference and that’s interesting but there’s nothing really going on for her other than that she’s you know thrust into this beautiful world where now there’s all these pretty dresses up but she’s a concubine and the king is cruel and she starts to fall in love with somebody that she’s not supposed to and all that kind of stuff so it is your typical way a story and there’s just nothing going for it except that the love interest when one of her fellow concubines was like this amazingly cool character who has an killer back story I loved her I wanted more of her I don’t understand why the book wasn’t told from her perspective that’s something I know it’s out of my control this is the way that the book was written but it just frustrates me that we didn’t get it from her perspective because she was so much cooler and lay just had nothing going on for her so that was very very frustrating on top of that we just didn’t have a whole lot of world-building either like we had this really beautiful asian-inspired setting and like you could tell that like the author really had like a lot of this amazing imagery going on but I had no clear idea of what the world was where things were how things worked any of that kind of stuff like I said I didn’t really even understand the difference between the demons and the none of you see humans are gonna be on the bottom but it just wasn’t really making a whole lot of sense I’m wondering if that was going to be introduced in other books down the line like this one was just to be to introduce you to the characters and the romance all that kind of stuff and then we’d get more of the politics in the world-building later but the fact that it was even sprinkled into this book at all just kind of made it a little bit more frustrating again and for the longest time I couldn’t decide how I felt about this book it took me until I got about 50% of the way through when I decided I really didn’t like it and that was just because it’s frustrating and the main chracters boring and above all it’s very very dark if you were triggered at all by sexual assault or harassment or any of that do not pick up this book just do not do it yes there is a warning in front of it and I’m very glad that there is but it’s too much because and I’m gonna go ahead and tell you so I guess here’s us a little spoiler but the king sexually assaults leh twice once I kind of understand because that is just the nature of the story it’s dark whatever twice in the second time being even more graphic is too much and that really really bothered me and I just couldn’t believe that the author went there and then it made me upset because we just had James Patterson praising this book and saying how amazing it was and there was nothing to be gained from these two graphic depictions of sexual violence there was nothing to be gained from the story and that just made me very very angry I’m sorry if I’m very passionate and riled up about this but I just I do not understand the hype I do not understand everybody saying that you have to read this book and that it’s got amazing romance any of this kind of stuff I just don’t get it so I would not recommend this book at all I am giving this book id+ just because the love interest like I said she was a really really interesting character there is something there there is a story here but it got buried because the main character isn’t Wren it’s Leigh and it got buried because we’re focusing on this romance but it’s really not anything new other than the fact that it’s two girls instead of a girl and a guy like that was the only reason that it was different from any other way so above all don’t understand the height don’t really care to see where the story is going next do not recommend especially if you are triggered at all by sexual assault but thank you guys so much watching this video if you liked it be sure to hit that like button down below and don’t forget to subscribe so you got books with me every week that is everything got for you today and I will see you guys next time bye

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