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Better if you Flirt lives a few streets, if not a few hundred kilometers away

Better if you Flirt lives a few streets, if not a few hundred kilometers away

While only one in four men is into Viennese humor, one in three women finds this dialect charming. A Swabian dialect can also warm women’s hearts: every fifth person thinks the accent is sexy, for men it is only about every tenth. Hesse and Saxony, on the other hand, should speak without an accent: the dialects are in the last place.

Charm instead of dialect

Anyone who doesn’t come from Bavaria or Vienna shouldn’t worry now. After all, it all depends on what you say. Body language should also not be underestimated when flirting. An open attitude, a passionate look or a tender touch say more than a thousand words.

Non-binding sex, erotic adventures and an enormous boost for self-confidence: one-night stands definitely have their charms and can be an exciting experience – provided you stick to the right types. To avoid tears, feelings of guilt and a lot of anger, you should follow a few rules: These men are not for a one-night stand.

Searching for a partner – flirting successfully: This is what body language reveals

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Flirt successfully: body language reveals that

We’ll show you what to look out for. to the video

Sex with the ex is more sorrow than fun

After a long relationship and a painful separation, he suddenly stands in front of you again: the ex. And with him the old feelings suddenly come up. Spurred on by memories – and possibly a lot of alcohol – you end up in bed again. That happens quite often, says Eric Hegmann, author and relationship expert at the matchmaking agency Parship: “” Sex with the ex is quite common. “” Ultimately, it has decisive advantages: You are familiar with each other and you know pretty well what to expect. “” For many, this is more satisfying than a one-night stand with unpredictable success, “” explains the expert.

But the night with the ex has its pitfalls. Longings are aroused quickly and serious feelings arise that the ex-boyfriend may not reciprocate. Or the other way around: You are out on a short adventure and he floods you with “” I want you back “” – SMS. Hegmann advises treating each other honestly from the start and clarifying the fronts in order to prevent such misunderstandings. Otherwise, the hot night can quickly end in feelings of school and tears.

Stay away from your girlfriend’s ex

The same applies to the ex of your best friend. If you end up in bed with him, you risk not only feelings of guilt, but also the end of their friendship. “” The anticipated stress is not worth a quickie, “says Hegmann,” because emotions can range from betrayal to pity. Depending on the perspective, the betrayal of the friendship or pity for the despair, which is apparently so great that you don’t even stop at ex-boyfriends of the girlfriends. “” The result is the same in both cases: You lose esteem and the trust of one of the most important people in your life. It’s certainly not worth a one-night stand.

A slip-up with colleagues can stir up resentment

There is a lot of alcohol flowing at the company party and suddenly the colleague looks incredibly attractive. But at the latest when you wake up next to him the next morning, his Casanova charm and all passion are gone. What remains is an uncomfortable feeling of shame that can complicate everyday work: Chance encounters in the coffee kitchen become embarrassing, in team meetings there is an embarrassed silence between you. “In the worst case, your colleagues will notice and you will also reap their disapproval,” says Hegmann. Risking career and job frustration for a single night? Better not.

It’s hard to avoid your neighbors

“In theory, non-committal sex with the neighbor is very practical,” says the relationship coach. “” But at the latest when one of the two wants to enter into a steady relationship afterwards, the meeting on the stairwell can be uncomfortable. “” Jealousy scenes, bad letters or desperate pleading and ringing the bell in the middle of the night are horror scenarios that you can do without.argumentative essay örnekleri Better if you Flirt lives a few streets, if not a few hundred kilometers away.

Close friendships can break

Friends with benefits are currently extremely popular in film and television. “” But in reality, such connections are rare because they cause more problems than pleasure, “” says the expert. In most cases, one brings more feelings than the other and gives much greater importance to the whole. If these hopes are then dashed and the feelings hurt, the friendship often breaks.

One night can also become more

Of course, in all of these cases things can be different. With a one night stand there is always the possibility that more could develop from it. According to Hegmann, the chance of doing this is great, especially with closer acquaintances: “” The circle of friends is the relationship coupler with the highest success rate, “” explains the expert – closely followed by the workplace. The prerequisite for this, however, is that both sides are basically not looking for a one-night stand, but want a serious relationship.

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But if you are sure that you are not ready for this at the moment, you should clearly communicate your ideas about this night and better keep away from friends, neighbors and colleagues. Because one-night stands are much less complicated and are especially fun when the acquaintance is spontaneous and non-binding – and in case of doubt you can avoid them as soon as the night is over.

Red makes women desirable. (Photo: imago) In “” The Devil Wears Prada “Meryl Streep made an effective appearance with her red high-heeled shoes, Julia Roberts also used the color red in” “Pretty Woman” to put herself in the limelight. Why does red give women that certain something? And why are adult establishments all over the world associated with red light? Manfred Hassebrauck, professor of social psychology and advisor to the dating agency FriendScout24, has dealt with these questions.

Flirt artfully Good style for little money

A color with a signal character

First of all, red is a warm color. Rooms painted red appear warmer than blue ones. Red also increases our level of activity, sometimes even our aggression. But red is also a signal color and indicates a potential danger. But can all of this explain the association between red and sex? Rather not. Scientists suspect that red makes women appear more desirable and acts like an aphrodisiac to men. This is explained – admittedly somewhat speculatively – with the fact that sexually aroused women have red cheeks and also better blood circulation and thus redder lips. This is said to increase desire in men.

Research has shown

Scientists from New York and a working group led by Professor Hassebrauck at the University of Wuppertal put the test to the test. They wanted to know whether red really makes women more attractive and desirable. In a number of studies, photos of women were mounted on either a red, blue, green, or white background. Men as well as women to whom these photos were shown should assess how beautiful, how sexually attractive and how sympathetic the respective person is perceived.

Red increases the attractiveness

To the surprise of the research team, a red background was enough to make a woman appear more beautiful and erotic. The association of red with femininity showed the supposed effect. Green or blue backgrounds didn’t make the women look more attractive. The effect was even more evident in the study when a woman wore red clothing, such as a red T-shirt. Men would rather date her than a woman in a green or blue T-shirt. It is interesting that the effect only influenced the men in their judgment. Female viewers of the photos were completely unimpressed by the color of the backgrounds or the clothing. From this, the researchers concluded that women actually attract men through red clothing.

Some grin from one ear to the other, others just twist the corners of their mouths upwards. What is better? It all depends, shows a new study.

There is no such thing as a perfect smile. A pleasant and genuine smile can be created in various ways, US researchers report in the journal “” Plos One “”. The position of the corners of the mouth, the width of the smile and how strongly the teeth can be seen played an important role. These findings are particularly important for doctors who try plastic surgery to help people who can no longer smile because of an accident or a serious illness.

Smiling is non-verbal communication

The ability to convey emotional states via facial expression is a fundamental aspect of social interaction and non-verbal communication, write the researchers working with Nathaniel Helwig from the University of Minnesota in the United States. For example, it protects against danger if you know how to correctly interpret an angry or trustworthy face. Smiles play a central role, especially in interpersonal relationships. Studies have shown that people who can’t smile properly are prone to depression.

What makes a successful smile

In order to investigate how a smile is perceived by someone opposite, the researchers had more than 800 people evaluate 3D animations of smiling faces, i.e. faces whose mouth twisted dynamically into a smile. The test persons were asked to state what the face expressed and how genuine, successful and pleasant they found the smile. With the help of the answers, the scientists calculated what makes a successful smile.

Smile: better cautious than fake

The evaluation showed that less is more in relation to smiles: a smile that reached from one ear to the other was not necessarily perceived as particularly pleasant and genuine. The other way around, a restrained smile didn’t necessarily look wrong or uncomfortable.

The position of the corners of the mouth is crucial

The researchers found that the combination of three characteristics in particular has to be consistent for a successful smile: how much the corners of the mouth are drawn up, how far the corners of the mouth are apart and, above all, how strongly the teeth are visible. With a rather narrow smile, strongly visible teeth are annoying. With a wider grin, they can make it more pleasant. Findings like this would have to be given greater consideration in plastic surgery in the future.

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A beautiful smile is slightly asymmetrical

In addition to these factors, the test subjects rated a slightly asymmetrical smile as particularly successful, i.e. when the left and right corners of the mouth pulled upwards with a tiny delay – less than 125 milliseconds.

February 14th is Valentine’s Day. (Photo: imago) Strange things happen every year on February 14th. Men arrive late at night with red roses, cuddly toys and chocolates from gas station shops. It must be Valentine’s Day again. Actually of Christian origin, at the arrival of Jesus as bridegroom at the heavenly wedding, he has meanwhile mutated into the official day of socially prescribed tokens of love. According to legend, Valentine’s Day is reserved for lovers. Apart from the story mentioned above, it is also considered the day of remembrance of Bishop Valentin von Terni, who, for example, married lovers in cases where it was forbidden under the then applicable law. But what is the significance of Valentine’s Day today?

Give us your opinion! Do we need Valentine’s Day?

Per Cons: Valentine’s Day

A little romance keeps love fresh

Prescribed romance – no thanks!

1. Love cannot be bought

Granted, florists have learned to make a profit on Valentine’s Day in the past. But what businessman doesn’t do that? And above all: love cannot be bought with roses or pralines. But everyone who receives a little attention is happy. So what harm does it do if men in particular are reminded in good time to show up with a little flower or card?

2. Don’t grumble, act The argument that singles in particular feel even more lonely on Valentine’s Day because they don’t get anything does not count. After all, the day can’t help walking around the world solo. And with a little self-confidence you could turn the tables: just give yourself a gift! It’s fun and – who knows – maybe taking the initiative will lead to a hot flirt!

3. Romance has no calendar Of course, romance is a little difficult at the push of a button, especially since there is little space for it in our fast-moving times. But Valentine’s Day offers the chance to prepare the romance, so to speak! A card with a surprise voucher is hung on a small bouquet of flowers – and the excitement rises as to what is likely to come. But don’t forget: Redeem! For example at a picnic in the warm spring.

Conclusion: You shouldn’t overestimate Valentine’s Day. But it is definitely an occasion to think about romance again. And that hasn’t hurt anyone.


1. Love Sells This of course delights the trade, because exorbitant prices can be charged for flowers and sweets on Valentine’s Day. After all, for better or worse, most people submit to social pressure to show their love by giving them small gifts on time. And the advertising industry has been making sure that people have a guilty conscience for weeks.

2. Again no rose for me … Especially for singles, February 14th is a torture. Everywhere you are confronted with the Valentine’s madness. And with the fact that even this year you will not be “” surprised “with cards or flowers.

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